Plan your own rock concert with new maths resource.

Posted on 22 April 2014

Nationwide Building Society has teamed up with The Transformation Trust and experienced teachers to launch 'Rock Club'. Pupils are invited to plan their own rock concert and be in the running to win tickets to the Rock Assembly at Wembley in July. 

As the gig promoter, they will need to apply their maths to a range of scenarios including using data to decide on which acts to invite, managing a budget, designing stage layouts and lighting, estimating quantities for catering and deciding on the most successful running order.

Written and tested by an Advanced Skills Maths Teacher, all materials are linked to the maths curricula so you can have confidence in their quality and relevance. The resources are provided for teachers free of charge.

Rock Club is one part of Nationwide's new education programme called 'Talking Numbers' designed to improve the numeracy of 200,000 young people by 2017. Research conducted on behalf of Nationwide Building Society reveals teenagers are struggling to master everyday number skills.  By tackling poor numeracy Nationwide wants to address the root cause of many poor financial decisions.

The research also showed that significant numbers of young people felt they simply "couldn't do maths" (31%) or they "found it boring" (45%). So, we are calling on all keen music fans to try out the Rock Club resources and bring maths to life, with the added incentive of being in with a chance of winning tickets to the Rock Assembly at Wembley in July.