Music and maths go hand in hand

Posted on 19 November 2013

Nationwide Building Society has launched a new and innovative way for children to brush up on their times tables. Teaming up with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra the free online ‘Beatbox Resource’ allows children to learn their times tables with a range of different sounds to make learning more engaging and accessible.

A range of sounds are available from beatboxing to clapping, to the music of instruments like the oboe, violin, flute and even the bongos. Learners can then choose the combination of sounds they find most helpful when learning their times tables.

The Beatbox Resource is available free on the Nationwide Education website and forms part of a wide range of practical resources for teachers, parents and children to assist in financial education, sustainability, safety and employability skills.

Nationwide Education currently facilitates more than 50,000 resource downloads a month, helping people of all ages develop these important everyday life skills.